Women Politicians & Climate Justice

Ben Seçerim acknowledges that the attempts to ensure climate justice and lasting solutions without including the voices of half of the world’s population are doomed to fail.   Ben Secerim believes that womens’ work, leadership, and contributions positively impact social, economic, and environmental progress both on lacal and international level.  We  also know that we  live in a world where gender inequality remains pervasive and human rights, especially women’s human rights, are violated with impunity and effectively hold back women around the world.

 Yet, women are still underrepresented in climate-related decision-making, resulting in processes that overlook their specific needs and crucial contributions. Women’s expertise, innovations and leadership at all levels are urgently needed for sustainable climate justice.

Unfortunately, women continue to face barriers to equal participation in environmental decision-making.

Thus Ben Seçerim wants to ensure that women’s voices are heard and their rights prioritized in the fight against climate change and work on projects that binds women politicians with climate justice.


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