Gender Policy

With its socio-historical background, the gender for Ben Seçerim (I Elect) Association is a domain of power hierarchy that fosters unequal power relations in society. In all cultural, scientific and political fields; from the relations of production to the public order, from care labour in the private sphere to the political institutions, from the labour market to the arts, standing up against gender-based discrimination is a requirement of being a non-governmental organization.

Ben Seçerim (I Elect) Association is a non-governmental organization that advocates equality against gender inequality, defends the human rights of women and girls, takes into account LGBTI+ people and all other neglected/avoided/ignored segments of society, and understands the advocacy of rights as a whole and bases all its work on a human rights perspective while developing plan, project and programs according to the mission and vision of its establishment.

Ben Seçerim (I Elect) Association; 

  • Regulates the work and the processes in its Board of Directors and other bodies from a gender equality perspective.
  • Does not perceive women as a single category; takes into account diversity and differences.
  • Is against discrimination based on age, ethnicity, being an immigrant/refugee, marital status, religious belief, class, physical talent, gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • Pays attention to making all its work accessible to all women, including the disabled.
  • Produces all of its written-verbal-video contents, including its publications and digital media distant from containing gender-based discrimination, misogyny and hate speech, sexist, racist and homophobic/transphobic language; struggles with this discourse.
  • Accepts international human rights conventions as a constitutional basis in its work and takes steps to encourage the effective use of these mechanisms. Documents such as the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) to which Tukey was also a party in the US and therefore, made it a part of its domestic law, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights are the international bases.
  • Demands a return to the Istanbul Convention and supports the legal struggle for the return to Istanbul Convention.
  • Supports the ecology movement, eco-friendly policies, nature-animal rights and climate justice, which are intertwined with women's rights.
  • Supports the participation of men in its work, on the condition of the acceptance and implementation of the gender equality perspective. Gender equality is the core principle of the association.
  • In the day-to-day works and operation of the association, in its public events and in communication with stakeholders, the discourse of masculinity and the authority derives from a masculine mindset are not allowed.
  • With all the stakeholders it works with; the companies it buys services from, the non-governmental organizations it cooperates with, and in its relations with public and private sector representatives, adheres to the above principles.
  • Develops and implements education programs on gender equality for association employees, members, volunteers and stakeholders.

Ben Seçerim (I Elect) Association;

With this policy, declare and promise that in all the works carried out to strengthen the representation of women in politics and to support women candidates which are the purpose of its establishment, its main approach is the mainstreaming of gender equality, and that it makes an effort for the protection and development of women's human rights in operation of the institution and relations with third parties/institutions. The Board of Directors is responsible for the implementation of the Gender Policy and the supervision of compliance with its principles.

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