About Ben Seçerim

“Ben Seçerim” works for the recognition and appreciation of women's pioneering qualities in solving both their own and society’s problems in general. For this purpose, it primarily envisages improving and augmenting their existence as decision-makers in the political arena.

In this context, I Choose, gives trainings to women, prepares seminar programs and organizes meetings with decision-makers in order to support women candidates and have selected women candidates nominated from places and positions where they can be elected. It carries out activities and creates an element of pressure for the candidates of "I Choose" before political parties. It undertakes all the promotional activities of the women of I Choose.

Our Pledge


We need a new political climate.

In this climate, we need politics and politicians who think for an equal, free and fair order and work towards these goals.

We need politicians who work for their voters, who do politics not to become something, but to change things, who see, follow and find solutions to the problems of the order.

We need a new language of politics, a new form of politics. To this end:

“I Choose” will ensure that the right people take part in politics.

“I Choose” will elect politicians who will struggle to change the policies that shake up and change our daily lives and make it difficult for us to breathe day by day.

“I Choose” will bring those who are ignored by politics into politics.

It will change the language, identity, style and way of doing politics of politics.

As an independent power, “I Choose” will aim at transforming political parties, making politics not by oppressing each other, but by raising it, and transforming it in accordance with the principles of merit and equality. It will work to make the language of politics more inclusive.

“I Choose” will first work to ensure gender equality in politics and change the political language; will find women who need to be involved in politics, prepare them and support them to participate in active politics.

“I Choose” will work to change the conflicting and polarizing language used in politics.

“I Choose”, as a pressure group, will work to get the right people to do politics in the right places.

Our Story

Paths of the founders of “Ben Seçerim” have crossed various times at different points in their careers and lives. Beyond their acquaintance and friendship, for two years, they talked and focused specifically over the necessity of having more women in politics. They all believed that Turkey’s politics needed more women in positions of decision making; women who are experts in their fields, who are open to change, who endorse socio-political equality and diversity.

Eventually, the founders of “Ben Seçerim” came together formally through questioning why the women’s movement did not find their deserved right and place in politics. Whilst debating and researching, they continued to encounter many women who wanted to enter politics but were afraid of getting lost in the intricate mechanisms of politics. They envisioned that a change in the political rhetoric and representation could also instigate societal transformation.

This is how “Ben Seçerim” is founded.

“Ben Seçerim” was established to support the nomination of female candidates from each party from viable electoral positions.

It was established to lobby for women’s enhanced presence in politics.

It was established to create more stories of women that will change and transform.

“Ben Seçerim” is a channel for the advancement of women in all elected and appointed positions in politics and beyond politics.

“Ben Seçerim” was established to provide women with all the support they require during the candidacy process, from education to establishing relations with the relevant parties, and to cooperate with them.

Our story is simple and yet also complex: We are out to ensure that “Ben Seçerim” women are included in all decision-making mechanisms.

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