Call to Political Parties

It is clear that the process of Turkey's return/transition to democratic norms and institutions should include many elements and be multi-layered. In a country that is faced with many problems, all of which are more important than the other, the difficulty of carrying out solutions only through political parties is increasing day by day. The social opposition or civil society needs to come together with the political opposition and feed off each other.

In this context, Ben Seçerim makes the following demands from political parties:

  1. Supporting the women, whom Ben Seçerim, who works for women to take part in the decision-making mechanisms in politics, proposes and personally supports, by political parties;
  2. The solution of gender inequality and violence against women is among the most fundamental problems and objectives in all party programs;
  3. Increasing the number of women in all decision-making mechanisms in political parties and nominating more women from places to be elected by political parties;
  4. Increasing the number of women managers in all public and private institutions, including municipalities and political party directors;
  5. Transparency of women's nomination processes and matching criteria with I Choose Values.

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